Alarm Lead Generation

The home security services industry is rapidly growing.  Many consumers are online actively researching various companies for security and smart home services.  The market is ripe with opportunity.

This opportunity has created fierce competition amongst home security companies to attract high-intent home security prospects, and lead generation is taking center stage. Events, content marketing, SEO, and lead acquisition campaigns are all being employed to entice prospects, with purchased home security leads remaining the most scalable channel.

Purchasing leads sounds simple, but unfortunately for buyers, the home security lead supply marketplace is highly fragmented and relatively unsophisticated. Dozens of lead suppliers deliver different levels of quality, consistency, targeting, and price flexibility.   Under these conditions, scaling profitable and operationally efficient lead programs is a challenge.

For home security lead buyers navigating this landscape, a number of factors make it tough to succeed:

  • Fragmented universe of lead suppliers
  • Static or inflexible pricing and targeting
  • No ability to deploy valuable data or integrate real time signals
  • Limited lead inventory insights
  • Time consuming processes to unify campaign activity and performance

And, unfortunately, these realities are creating real costs for home security companies:

  • Budget is wasted on low or no conversion leads;
  • Customer acquisition costs go up because of inflexible and negotiated pricing; and,
  • Call center efficiency suffers because of the inability to match lead delivery and capacity.

Home Security Progromatic Lead

But this is 2017! There should be a better and more efficient way to buy home security leads. Enter programmatic technology. Acquisition marketers across industries are discovering that the programmatic, platform based, approach to running campaigns in display and search, can be used to manage more optimized and efficient lead campaigns.

MediaAlpha, a LeadsCouncil Gold member, offers a programmatic platform for vertical search clicks, calls, and leads, empowering home security marketers to:

  • Replace insertion orders with dynamic real-time buying
  • Stop negotiating and manage lead bids in real-time, according to performance
  • Dictate targeting and right pricing across all lead fields
  • Control lead flow with budget and pacing tools
  • Integrate data to better inform when to buy and how much to bid
  • Achieve operational efficiencies by unifying lead campaigns in one platform
  • Unlock audience and campaign insights through centralized and comprehensive reporting

Download the MediaAlpha for Advertisers eBook to learn how you can improve your lead buying process, campaigns, and subsequent results.