Programmatic Revolutionizes Home Security Lead Buying

The home security services industry is rapidly growing.  Many consumers are online actively researching various companies for security and smart home services.  The market is ripe with opportunity. This opportunity has created fierce competition amongst home security companies to attract high-intent home security prospects, and lead generation is taking center stage. Events, content marketing, SEO, … READ MORE

3 Things Lead Generators Need to Do to be TCPA Compliant

Thanks to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, most consumers go about their day without getting unwanted robocalls and spam texts flooding their phone lines. Originally meant to regulate the telemarketing industry, TCPA protects consumers from unsolicited calls, texts, and faxes without prior consent. So long as consumers opt out, telemarketers can’t make automated phone calls, … READ MORE

The Basics of Remaining Compliant in the World of Lead Generation

Transparency is more important than ever for the lead generation industry and partnerships are an extension of a business’s story to the outside world. However, while partnerships can lend credibility and open up new opportunities, they also present a risk. For the Higher Ed industry, in particular, this risk can be seen in recent for-profit … READ MORE

LeadsCouncil 2016 Update

This is a time of year when everyone is busy wrapping up business and looking ahead to the new year.  We at LeadsCouncil are doing the same.   LeadsCouncil has always been an evolutionary story over the years, however, no year has seen as much change to the organization as 2016.  It’s been a year … READ MORE

FTC Workshop Findings

Today the FTC released a Staff Perspective paper outlining discussions held at the October 30, 2015 “Follow the Lead: A FTC Workshop on Lead Generation” (“Workshop”).  Following several sections outlining the nuts-and-bolts of lead generation and the potential benefits to consumers, the paper moved into areas of strength for lead generation, as well as topics … READ MORE

FTC Settlement Against

Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued its first successful enforcement action against education lead generator,, for Deceptive Lead Generation Tactics. settled charges that it tricked job seekers by claiming to represent hiring employers.  The proposed court order imposes a $90.2 million judgment that will be suspended upon payment of $360,000. The full … READ MORE

Official LeadsCouncil Response to FTC Workshop

The October 30, 2015, “Follow the Lead: An FTC Workshop on Lead Generation” brought together a strong lineup of leaders representing many different perspectives and expertise about both the lead generation industry and its associated practices.  LeadsCouncil appreciated the opportunity to provide our perspective during the workshop and influence what was hopefully the beginning of … READ MORE